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A picture portrait ofRyan CaltalbianoA Message to This Year's Graduates from Principal Ryan Caltabiano

Dear Parents/Guardians, 
I am happy to announce the 2019-2020 T.E. Harrington Graduation Plan. While we are certainly disappointed that our students will not be able to have an in-person ceremony, we have made every attempt to uphold the traditions of past events in a new way. Our team of teachers led by Mr. Tom Chirip, our 8th grade STEAM teacher, will be creating virtual ceremonies for each house. All ceremonies will be available for viewing on June 18 at 6 p.m. and will be available thereafter for online viewing. The graduation plan includes:
· Students in their gowns
· Diplomas
· Awards
· Speeches
· Music from our orchestra and band
· A printable graduation program
· Yard signs
On May 27th and May 28th between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., a Mount Laurel School bus will arrive at your home to deliver your child's gown, diploma cover, and a yard sign. Our drivers will be equipped with the appropriate PPE and items will be placed at your doorstep, similar to the way you are currently receiving home deliveries.  We ask that you adhere to CDC guidelines and social distance at least six- feet if you wish to greet your school representative.
Once you have received your gown and diploma cover, we ask that you have your child dress as they normally would for graduation, and take a picture in their gown holding their diploma cover.  While we appreciate family and gatherings, it is important that only your child is in the photo for the continuity of the ceremony and for the adherence of proper safety protocols.  Once your picture is complete, please send your photo to the email address associated with your child House.  Please place your child’s first and last name in the subject line.  Photos are due to the below addresses no later than June 5th.
Once you have completed those steps, the rest is up to us!  We truly are saddened by the absence of an in-person ceremony for our 2020 Harrington 8th-grade class.  They have worked hard, had their successes, and overcome much adversity to get here over the past eight or nine years.  They deserve the best and we will do our part to deliver just that. 
Please email me directly with any questions or concerns.
Ryan Caltabiano
Thomas E. Harrington Middle School
514 Mt Laurel Rd, Mt Laurel, NJ 08054
856-234-1610 ext. 2010