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Lunch Program

A hot lunch program is provided in all schools.
Students who prefer may bring a lunch from home. Milk may be purchased separately.
Lunch Prices:
Full Paid Lunch - $2.45 for Grades K-4
Full Paid Lunch - $2.55 for Grades 5-8
Full Paid Lunch - $3.25 for Adult 
Milk Only - $.50
Interactive Lunch Menus with Carb Counts
Select your menu and click on any food item in bold on the menu and its complete nutritional value will pop up, including its carb count! It's a big step in our shared goal of keeping students healthy as well as wise!
How Does the Lunch Line Work with Lunchtime Accounts?
It's easier than you may think. At least, that's how our students make it look after about the first week of school! Parents deposit funds into a child's individual account through the LunchTime Portal. (You can also make some parental choices there, like limiting the purchase of "snacks for the table" in some cases. Seriously, you can limit additional purchases to types of snacks and number of days your child is able to buy more than the full lunch, for example.)
Each day, teachers take the lunch count in the classroom right after attendance. The list of students purchasing lunch is sent to the cafeteria. When children arrive for lunch, they punch their five-digit student ID number into the keypad on the counter. For the first few days, cafeteria staff will assist students, but after a few days, even our littlest students seem to have this process down pat.
That's it. You can monitor purchases at any time via the portal, and can watch balances and deposit more funds as needed.