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 Harrington 2019 Graduation Ceremonies
Girls' Softball
Boys' Lacrosse 
Giving Cycle
Giving Cycle
a student kneeling over a table
 CSI Students Tasked with Solving Hit & Run
New Jersey State Police Lt. Michael Rizol and Sgt. Edward Long, from the Division Headquarters for Traffic and Public Safety visited Harrington to meet with students in Ms. Barbano's Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) class at the middle school. They reviewed how evidence is gathered, what is necessary to prove "probable cause," how what may at first seem obvious is definitively proven and what may constitute a criminal act. The officers then set-up a mock "hit and run" scene in the parking lot behind Harrington and had the students work in teams to prove their case. 
A black boot lying in the road
A training dummy lying on the ground with no shoes
Two State Police Officers presenting 
Harrington vs. Northern Burlington
Mr. Beyer's iPublish Skype Session
Students in Mr. Beyer's iPublish class recently stayed after school voluntarily to hold a Skype session with Patricia Frazier, the National Youth Poet Laureate. A 19-year-old college student from Chicago, Ms. Frazier spoke candidly about her writing, what led her to poetry, and how they might learn more about the craft.