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A picture portrait ofRyan CaltalbianoMr. Ryan Caltabiano

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

 It is with great pride and excitement that I write this letter of introduction to you as the newly appointed Principal of Thomas E. Harrington Middle School. I am honored to have the opportunity to lead a school with such a rich tradition of educational excellence. I have been dedicated to the field of education for more than eleven years. I have worked with a variety of students, from fourth through twelfth grade; however, most of my time was spent as a middle school math teacher in the Clayton Public School District. In addition to teaching, I spent many years coaching a variety of sports. I spent nine years coaching football at the varsity level, six years coaching middle school track, and four years coaching middle school basketball. Furthermore, I have always been an active member of my school community and that is something I intend to continue at Harrington. Most recently, I was the Principal of the Thomas E. Bowe School in Glassboro. As the Bowe Principal, I did my best to implement changes that were efficient and effective. As difficult as it is leaving the staff, students, and parents of Glassboro, I am beyond excited to join the Mount Laurel School District and the Thomas E. Harrington Middle School. 

In addition to my own introduction, I would also like to introduce my family. I have a beautiful wife of seven years, Christina Caltabiano. Christina has been incredibly supportive throughout my career both while I received my masters in educational leadership and as I gained valuable experience as a principal. We have two lovely daughters, Josie (2 years) and Gisella (6 months). I am truly blessed to have such a great family. You will undoubtedly see them as they are often at school events and will certainly become part of the school community. 

As a graduate of Clearview Regional High School and LaSalle University, I understand the importance of a great education. As Principal of Harrington Middle, I will ensure that each student has the opportunity to receive the most well-rounded education possible. I will support the high performing teachers that are already in place at Harrington and make certain that any new teachers meet Mount Laurel’s high standards of excellence. I also intend to be involved with extra-curricular programs. I intend to support the current programs while making recommendations for new opportunities for Harrington students. I have every intention of preparing our students for Lenape High School while having a successful middle school experience. 

While I will have my own goals and vision for Harrington, it is also important that we develop a set of shared goals and values for our school, the district, and the greater Mount Laurel community. I am sincerely open to listening and brainstorming to identify what is best for our students. With that, I invite you to stop by the school over the summer to introduce yourself and share your thoughts and hopes for your children. I truly believe that parents who are involved in and committed to the education of their children will invariably help them achieve high levels of success and achievement. 

I look forward to working with parents, teachers and the greater Mount Laurel community to help each student at Thomas E. Harrington meet their goals and have successful middle school years! 

Kindest Regards, 

Ryan M. Caltabiano 

Principal, Thomas E. Harrington Middle School 

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Harrington Hotline - 856-234-5198
School Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 2:05 p.m.
Early dismissal: 11:39 a.m.

Harrington Middle School's Anti-Bullying Specialists are MaryEllen Slott and Sharon Sheehan,
514 Mount Laurel Road, 856-234-1610