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A reminder due to new laws this year, there is a "lag" between the time you turn in your student's Sports Physicals paperwork to the time they can actually try-out or practice on teams, or in any physical activity club. All of the forms have to be reviewed and approved by the School Physician first. Please schedule your doctors appointments now. (See forms you will need under the Parents Tab/Sports Physicals.)
Parents: Important Changes in Sports Physical Requirements. Please Read If Your Child Will Participate in Fall Sports!
 The laws governing sports physicals have changed at the state level and are extremely stringent. All sports physical forms must now undergo an additional level of review by our district physician. Implementation of these laws may actually preclude some students from participating if guidelines are not followed. 
Here are three very important factors to consider this year:
1.) Sports physicals will not be offered in our schools this summer. These physicals must be completed either by your family physician, or at the medical facility of your choice. Some suggested facilities are listed below.
2.) The deadline for submission of sports physicals is August 15, October 15 and February 15 for any student planning on trying out for Interscholastic Sports. Physicals submitted in September will not be processed in time for the fall sports season.
3.) Parents should be aware that sports physicals submitted will only be accepted if the examining doctor has signed the statement that he/she has completed the required professional development module on cardiac assessment. We are required to return any physical paperwork to the parent/student if this statement is not signed by the doctor.
Find more information and the complete Grade 5-8 Physical and Athletic Form Packet at this link.

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