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Marine Advanced Technology Education

Ms. Maureen Barrett
Harrington Middle School
7th Grade STEM Teacher
Ms. Marieve Patterson
Assistant Coach
Harrington Middle School
7th Grade LA Teacher


2020 MATE PA Regional and International Competitions Cancelled :(

2019-20 HMS SeaBots MATE Ranger Team

On July 15, 2020, our HMS SeaBots Ranger Team was featured on the MATE website.
2019-20 MATE Ranger

Meet our 2019-20 7th Grade Scout Team

Even though the 2020 MATE PA Regional ROV Competition was cancelled, our Scout Team remained hard at work creating a video for virtual submission. The video and information about the team was featured on the MATE website link below.
2019-20 MATE Scout

Our 2018-19 HMS SeaBots are 4th Place in the world!

The HMS SeaBots Ranger Team traveled to Kingsport, Tennessee June 20-22, 2019 for the MATE International ROV Competition. We finished 4th out of 45 teams, with most of the other competitors being at the high school level. Way to go SeaBots!

The results are in!

2019 MATE PA Regional ROV Competition
May 11, 2019 at Villanova University
Ranger Team (8th graders)
1st Place Overall
2nd Place Product Demonstration (pool)
1st Place Marketing Display
2nd Place Product Presentation
1st Place Technical Document
The Ranger Team advances to the 2019 MATE International Competition to be held in Kingsport, Tennessee, in June!
Scout Team (7th graders)
1st Place Overall
1st Place Product Demonstration (pool)
1st Place Marketing Display
2nd Place Product Presentation
1st Place Spirit and Sportsmanship
Congratulations HMS SeaBots!

Corporate Responsibility

Both our Ranger and Scout MATE Teams pay it forward through community service activities. On March 27, 2019, team members volunteered at Countryside Elementary School's Family STEM Night. We brought our 3D printer and taught students and their families how to use an online CAD (computer aided design) program to design something to be 3D printed. We also taught the students and their parents how 3D printers work. Then on Saturday, March 30th, team members went to the Beneath the Sea Dive Show at the Meadowlands Expo Center to teach scuba divers and their families how to pilot ROVs. 

Beneath the Sea

Countryside Family STEM Night

2018 PA MATE Regional Competition

Results for PA Regional held at Villanova University. Congratulations HMS SeaBots!
Ranger Team  
Scout Team
2nd Place Product Presentation   
4th Place Overall
1st Place Product Demonstration
1st Place Technical Documentation
1st Place Marketing Display
1st Place Overall

Thank you MATE Families!

Thank you to all the parents and students who spent a Saturday morning building the MATE mission props. We measured, cut, and assembled a variety of items for this year's "Jet City: Aircraft, Earthquakes, and Energy" mission theme.

MATE Team gives back to the community

The six students from last year's MATE Scout Team started their year by teaching WalMart customers and employees how to pilot ROVs.

2017 MATE International Results

The HMS SeaBots were one of 40 Ranger Teams from around the world who competed June 23-25, 2017 at Long Beach City College in California. The HMS SeaBots finished the competition in the top ten, placing 9th in the world! Way to go SeaBots!!

Winning Raffle Ticket

And the winner ticket number for the Eagles tickets is.... #00004!! The ticket was sold to Sanjiv and Tejal Patel. Congratulations! A huge thank you to everyone who bought tickets to help support our trip to Long Beach!

Congratulations SeaBots!

Our Scout and Ranger Teams did a fantastic job at the PA MATE ROV Competition held at Villanova University on Saturday, April 15, 2017. Over thirty schools from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, and DC participated. The HMS SeaBots took 1st Place Overall in the Scout Division and 2nd Place Overall in the Ranger Division. The Ranger Team's 2nd Place advances them to the 2017 MATE International Competition held at Long Beach City College in Long Beach, California June 23-25. Good luck Ranger Team!

Scout Team


Ranger Team

1st Place Overall
1st Place ROV Product Demonstration (in pool)
2nd Place Marketing Display
2nd Place Spirit and Sportsmanship Award
2nd Place Overall
1st Place ROV Product Demonstration (in pool)

Thank you volunteers!

This wonderful group of volunteers spent Saturday, January 14, 2017 building this year's MATE underwater mission props! Thank you MATE students and families!

Save the date!

PA Regional MATE Competition
Villanova University
Saturday, April 15, 2017

Parents and Team Members Needed

Who: Parents and team members
What: Help build this year's MATE Competition mission props
When: Saturday, January 14th from 9 AM until finished (about two-three hours)
Where: HMS in the STEM room
Why: To prepare for this year's competition

Barnes & Noble Fundraiser

Members of the MATE Team spent Sunday, November 6th at the Moorestown Barnes & Noble Mini Maker Faire. We set up a table to teach people how to solder components to circuit boards. At the same time, we were given a percentage of the book sales. We raised a little over $150 for our efforts. Nice work, team!

3rd Best Ranger Team in the World!

We did it! The HMS SeaBots MATE Ranger Team took 3rd Place Overall at the 15th Annual International MATE ROV Competition!!! Even though this was Harrington's first time at Internationals and that we were competing against mostly high school teams, our team never wavered.

Be with us at NASA in Houston!

HMS families and friends are welcome to follow us online. Streaming of the MATE International Competition will take place from June 23 - 25 from the MATE link below. Our ROV is labeled "HMS SeaBots" on one side and "Nāmaka" on the other side. In Hawaiian mythology, Nāmaka is a sea goddess or water spirit. We are in the Ranger Class (not Explorer).
Friday 8:30 AM (Houston time) Product Presentation - Oral presentation to judges
Friday 1:00 PM (Houston time) Product Demonstration - Conduct pool missions
Saturday 9:30 AM (Houston time) Product Demonstration - Conduct pool missions
NBL link

We're Going to Internationals!!

The HMS SeaBots MATE Teams did an outstanding job at the MATE PA Regional Competition at Villanova on May 7, 2016. The Ranger Team advances to the International competition at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston Texas!! (The first and second place Ranger Teams advance to the International Competition.)
Ranger Team
1st Place Overall
1st Place Product Demonstration (pool missions)
2nd Place Marketing Display (poster)
2nd Place Technical Documentation (notebook)
Scout Team
1st Place Overall
2nd Place Product Demonstration (pool missions)
1st Place Marketing Display (poster)
1st Place Technical Documentation (notebook)
2nd Place Sales Presentation (oral presentation)
We were also awarded...
1st Place Spirit and Sportsmanship
and the Coordinator's Coach Award was given to Ms. Barrett

Team Shirt Order Due March 1st

It's times to order our team shirts! Please download the document link and submit your order to Ms. Ashman by March 1st.

December 30, 2015 update

Have you read your 2016 MATE Competition Manual yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Please read it from cover to cover. It contains important information that must be understood by each and every team member!
CEOs and CFOs:
Since so many Scout Team members want to run the company, the team has decided to let a test determine who deserves the CEO position. The test questions are coming straight from the manual. The 46-page 2016 MATE Competition Scout Manual explains everything about this year's competition. The test results will show which Scout member knows the manual the best.
Has the Ranger Team determined their CEO, CFO, and/or other company positions? ALL Ranger Team members must totally understand the information in the 74-page 2016 MATE Competition Ranger Manual.
Let's prepare to do our best!

Competiton Manuals

Know your pool missions! Every team member must thoroughly understand the "product demonstrations" that are required.
Scout Team Manual              Ranger Team Manual

Important Dates

Mark Your Calendars:
  • Saturday, May 7, 2016 Regional MATE Competition at Villanova University
  • June 23-25, 2016 International MATE Competition at NASA Johnson Space Center's Neutral Buoyancy Lab in Houston, TX (Top 2 winning Ranger Teams from the Regional Competition move on)

Thank You Volunteers!

Several MATE Team members (and a few SeaPerch members!) volunteered at the Barnes & Noble Mini Maker Faire on Saturday, November 6, 2015. We accomplished several things at the Maker Faire.
  1. We talked with customers about ROVs and taught them how to pilot ROVs in the pool.
  2. We told customers about Harrington being in the Fab School Lab classroom makeover contest and gave them a paper reminder to vote on Monday, November 16th.
  3. We raised some money for the team through the Book Fair sales ($145.09).
Thanks to all who helped and to all those families who purchased books. The MATE Team would also like to thank Mrs. Malast and Ms. Paterno (HMS 8th grade Oasis teachers) for stopping by and showing their support!

Mark your calendar - Saturday, May 7, 2016

The date is set! The MATE Competition will be held on Saturday, May 7, 2016 at Villanova University. It is an all day event. Mark your calendars! More details will be given as we get closer to the competition.

Field Trip to VideoRay - Wed., Oct. 21, 2015

VideoRay is one of the sponsors of the MATE ROV competitions. We had the opportunity to visit VideoRay in Pottstown, PA. VideoRay is the largest volume producer of ROVs in the world. The agenda was as follows:
  • Leave HMS at 2:15 PM. Arrive at VideoRay by 4:00 PM.
  • Spend 15 minutes talking with a VideoRay representative about VideoRay and what it takes to run a company like VideoRay – the business side of being engineering entrepreneurs – will include some exciting user project photos and stories.
  • Tour the facility after discussing the business areas.
  • Conclude with some hands-on demos of VideoRay ROVs in their test tank.
  • Return to HMS about 6:30 PM.
VideoRay store (if you want to purchase a hat or shirt!)
2014 MATE Competition Photos (We have to send VideoRay photos from the 2015 teams!)

MATE Application due Wed., Oct. 7th

The morning announcement at school on Friday, Oct. 2nd, Monday, Oct. 5th, and Tuesday, October 6th is as follows:
Ms. Barrett is holding the first MATE meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 7th in B48 until 4:10. If you are interested in joining the team, the application must be completed by the first meeting. The first meeting is mandatory, and you must have the completed application to attend the meeting. No exceptions. If you have any questions, please see Ms. Barrett.

Welcome to the 2015-16 MATE Team website!

If you are interested in joining the MATE underwater robotics team, you MUST be a member of the SeaPerch Team. For now, look at the SeaPerch Team webpage for details. To learn the difference between the two programs, click on the document link below.

2015 MATE Competition Results

Our HMS SeaBots MATE Team is divided into two teams: a Scout Team and a Ranger Team. These are the two divisions at the Pennsylvania Regional MATE Competition. Both of our MATE Teams showed their mastery of skills in multiple ways. The results for the MATE Competition are as follows:
Scout Team
Won 1st Place Overall
 Ranger Team  
  1st Place - Sales Presentation   
  1st Place - Marketing Display
  2nd Place - Product Demo (Pool Missions)     
 1st Place - Product Demo (Pool Missions)     
AND 1st Place for
Spirit & Sportsmanship

What a day at Villanova University!

2015 Ranger Teams and Rankings

HMS SeaBots Team Shirts

Thanks to our Hartford School Art Teacher, Mrs. Bradbury, and HMS parent, Mrs. Sawadzki, our HMS SeaBots logo has been established!

MATE websites

2013 - 2014

Members of the SeaPerch team were invited to join another ROV Team: the MATE Triggerfish Team. The Triggerfish control box is much more advanced than what we built for the SeaPerch ROV. Each thruster has its own circuit board. After we built the Triggerfish, the team competed in the MATE Regional Competition at Rowan University. The results: we took 1st Place for the pool missions, 1st Place for our design poster, and 2nd Place for our oral presentation. We propelled to the top of the Scout Division being named the #1 team overall!