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The Four C's

Welcome to Harrington Middle School! This year in STEM you will be learning about ocean exploration and building underwater robots called ROVs. This STEM class will require you to be a C student. I know you are thinking the C stands for a letter grade, but it doesn't. The C stands for collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. I hope you are ready to be a C student!

Which team will be the best at capping the leaky oil well?

1st Place: STEM Bots
2nd Place: Krabby Patty Formula
3rd Place Riptide

SeaPerch Modifications to Collect Crabs

Top Teams in the Pool

Biological Mission: Collecting Crabs! Thirty ROV teams spent a few days collecting crabs in the pool. The top ten Phoenix teams are listed below. Congrats to the STEM Bots for collecting 56 crabs!
 ROV Teams  Number of Crabs   Class Period 
 STEM Bots 56  7
 DABUR 48 7
Crabs 42 7
D&B Robots 40 5
Bikini Bottom Inc. 36 2
Sea Bubbles 34 3
The Tridents Inc. 33 3
 Turtle Sharks 33 8
Riptide 31 3
Sea Expo 25 2
56 Crabs
48 Crabs
42 Crabs