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District Wide Broadcast Message

SeaPerch Team

The HMS SeaBots

Ms. Maureen Barrett
HMS SeaBots Coach
Harrington Middle School
7th Grade STEM Teacher
Ms. Jessica Ashman
HMS SeaBots Assistant Coach
Harrington Middle School
7th Grade Spanish Teacher

2019-20 SeaPerch Competitions Cancelled Due to COVID

Unfortunately, our ROV season was cut short due to school closures, and the state and national SeaPerch competions were cancelled. Our three middle school teams were almost ready for the 2020 SeaPerch Mission: Waterway Cleanup. But COVID didn't stop the HMS SeaBots from participating in the online SeaPerch OnShore Challenge. Click on the video link below to see our preliminary designs.

Meet Our Middle School Teams

2019-20 SeaPerch Team
2019-20 SeaPerch Team
2019-20 SeaPerch Team

National SeaPerch Champions!

National SeaPerch Competition Results
University of Maryland
June 1-2, 2019
HMS SeaBots: Team Thalassa
1st Place Obstacle Course
1st Place Mission
3rd Place Engineering Notebook
1st Place in the Middle School Division
AND crowned Overall Champions!!

2019 New Jersey SeaPerch Competition Results

Team Thalassa
1st Place Overall
1st Place Pool Missions
3rd Place Engineering Notebook, Presentation, and Display
Invited to the 2019 SeaPerch Challenge University of Maryland June 1-2
Team Chrysaora
2nd Place Overall 
2nd Place Pool Missions
1st Place Engineering Notebook, Presentation, and Display
Team Wonderfish
Best team in the Open Division 

2018 SeaPerch International Competition at UMass Dartmouth

After winning our state competitions, both our Middle School teams represented Harrington at the 2018 International SeaPerch Competition. Congratulations to Team Aurelia and Xiphias for their success in New Jersey and at UMass!
Team Aurelia Xiphias
2nd Place Overall  10th Place Overall
 3rd Place Obstacle Course  9th Place Obstacle Course
3rd Place Challenge Mission  12th Place Challenge Mission
3rd Place Technical Documentation 23rd Place Technical Documentation

Success at New Jersey SeaPerch Competitions!

NAVAIR's SeaPerch Competition
 Rowan University
 March 24, 2018
Team Xiphias
Team Aurelia
 2nd Place Overall
2nd Place Pool Missions
   2nd Place Poster/Presentation/   
Engineering Notebook
1st Place Overall
1st Place Pool Missions
   1st Place Poster/Presentation/   
Engineering Notebook
PCTI's SeaPerch Competition
 Passaic County Technical Institute
 April 7, 2018
Team Xiphias
   Open Team
Team Isopods
 1st Place Overall 
  1st Place Overall
Results for Open Teams
Team Isopods   
Team Aquanox   
Great Whites    Sapphire    Team Resistant   
1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
4th Place
4th Place

2017 SeaPerch Nationals at Georgia Tech

The HMS SeaBots Team, Chironex, traveled to Atlanta, Georgia to compete in the 2017 National SeaPerch Competition. The event was held at Georgia Tech's Aquatic Center, home of the 1996 Olympic Games pool. The team competed against over 70 winning middle school teams from across the US and walked away from the games with some of our own medals! 
1st Place for Engineering Notebook
1st Place for Oral Presentation
4th Place Team Overall

NJ SeaPerch Competition

Three HMS SeaBots teams competed at the NJ SeaPerch Competition at Rowan University on Saturday, March 25, 2017. The students did a fantastic job all year and ended the year by winning several awards at the state competition. Congratulations SeaBots!
Chironex will be competing at the National SeaPerch Competition May 19-20 at Georgia Tech in Atlanta! Good luck team!
Middle School 1: Chironex
2nd Place Overall
1st Place Notebook/Poster/Presentation
2nd Place Pool Missions
Middle School 2: Aquarius
3rd Place Overall
2nd Place Notebook/Poster/Presentation
Open Team: King Gyarados/Bubble Guppies     1st Place: Pool Missions

SeaPerch Nationals at LSU May 20-21, 2016

The weekend was a huge success for the HMS SeaBots King Magikarps Team! First, the team found out that their poster was one of the top ten finalists out of 96 middle school teams. This gave them the opportunity to present their work to a panel of judges. So what happened when they presented to the judges? They took 2nd Place for their poster and presentation! The King Magikarps' skills in the pool were just as sharp. The were awarded 2nd Place in the pool for the "Orbs" mission and were also awarded an Honorable Mention for understanding and implementing the engineering design process.
All of these successes led to the King Magikarps being awarded 2nd Place Overall! You rock, King Magikarps!!

HMS Students & Teachers Rally for Team

THANK YOU to all the teachers and students who rallied to support our team!
  • CBL students made posters to decorate the STEM room and hallway!
  • Ms. Curtis and Ms. Ross decorated the classroom!
  • Ms. Curtis, Ms. Ross, Ms. Patrick, and Ms. Poulton bought treats, balloons, and decorations for the team!
  • Ms. Paterno. Mr. Wagner, and Mr. Christian made donations for the trip to LSU!
  • Quite a few staff members ate dinner at Chick-fil-A and/or Pancheros for our fundraisers!
  • Many students, teachers, and administrators wished us luck at Nationals!

2016 NJ Competition Results

The HMS SeaBots are very thankful for another terrific year, and we are still not quite done yet! The King Magikarps will be competing in the National SeaPerch Competition at LSU in May. Good luck Magikarps!
Middle School 1:
King Magikarps
Middle School 2:
Sea Knights
Open Team:
The Profishionals
1st Place Overall     3rd Place Overall       Great job team!
 1st Place Notebook              
2nd Place Poster Presentation              
 2nd Place Pool Missions              

SeaPerch Parents Pitching In!

2015 SeaPerch Nationals at UMASS Dartmouth

Two teams represented the HMS SeaBots at the National SeaPerch Competition at UMASS Dartmouth. Seventy-one middle schools teams competed on May 30, 2015. The competition included the pool missions, display board, and oral presentation. Even though we didn't take home any trophies, the King Magikarps placed 5th and the Veterans took 7th place. Congratulations to both teams for doing extremely well at UMASS!
    Obstacle Course Pilots
  HMS SeaBots
(not shown Jason & Glenn)
    King Magikarps

We did it again :)

The HMS SeaBots did an OUTSTANDING job at the New Jersey SeaPerch Competition at Rowan University on Saturday, April 18, 2015. Five of our six teams won awards, and our 1st Place Team, "King Magikarps," and our 2nd Place Team, "The Veterans," earned us two spots at the National SeaPerch Competition to be held on May 29th at UMASS Dartmouth!
Since our Harrington robotics team was so large this year, the students divided themselves into six teams. Two of our teams competed in the middle school category, and four teams in the open category. The middle school category gets judged on the following components: a 20-page notebook & poster presentation and the pool missions (obstacle course and "the finesse"). The open category is judged on the pool missions only.
Middle School Category
(16 teams competed)  
Open Category
(19 teams competed)
1st Place Overall - King Magikarps  
2nd Place Overall - The Veterans
1st Place Underwater - Poseidon's Posse
2nd Place Underwater - Angelfish
3rd Place Underwater - SeaBorgs


1st Place Poster Presentation - The Veterans
2nd Place Poster Presentation - King Magikarps
3rd Place Underwater - King Magikarps
2nd Place - Team Spirit
We definitely had team spirit at Rowan University: family and friends, banners, signs, hats, team shirts, the HMS cougar (thanks Shawn), and Liam leading the crowd in many of the SeaBots cheers! We even had a special surprise visit from last year's CEO to cheer us on (thanks, Sanjana)!
This HMS success could not have been possible without the help of several of the HMS SeaBots' parents: Mr. & Mrs. Jetter and Mrs. Bauer (all three should be on the payroll!), Mr. Lam, Mr. & Mrs. McCorkle, SeaBots' siblings Shawn and Audrey, Mrs. Sawadski for donating the professional table banners, Mrs. Coleman for helping the students with their oral presentations, Sue & Sandy for making the letters for the wall banners, and Mr. Alan Smith for finding us a lifeguard for a last minute practice at the Moorestown Community House pool. A special thanks goes to the Mt. Laurel YMCA and the Jersey Wahoos for letting us practice in their pools after school and during spring break. Last but not least, we can't forget how fortunate we are to have the support of the Mt. Laurel School District Administration & Board of Education.
So who is going to UMASS?!!

HMS SeaBots Team Shirts

Thanks to our Hartford School Art Teacher, Mrs. Bradbury, and HMS parent, Mrs. Sawadzki, our HMS SeaBots logo has been established!

2014 - 2015

Information on the following websites is important to all SeaPerch Team members.
Please get to know the sites!
 NJ SeaPerch       SeaPerch (ONR)       SeaPerch (MIT)

2013 - 2014

The 2013-14 SeaPerch Team had a tremendous year! On Saturday, April 26th, we competed at Rowan University for the NJ Regional SeaPerch Competition. The HMS SeaBots won 1st Place for our notebook, 2nd & 3rd for the underwater competitions, and 3rd Place for our display and oral presentation. We were then given the recognition of "Overall Champion" in the middle school division!


As the overall winner at NJ's regional competition, we were invited to compete in the National SeaPerch Competition at the University of Southern Mississippi.Five members of the team traveled with their parents to Haittesburg, Mississippi for the competition. The team did a fantastic job and learned a great deal. In the end, we finished 22nd out of 56 middle school teams. We left Mississippi a bit disappointed, but we learned a great deal and had a lot of fun!


2012 - 2013

The HMS SeaPerch Team competed in two competitions. Three of our ROV teams competed at Rowan with one team taking 2nd Place in the speed event and 2nd Place overall. Another one of our teams was awarded the Sportsmanship Award. We didn't do as well at the Greater Philadelphia SeaPerch Challenge at Drexel. The students who join the SeaPerch Team are required to work many days after school designing an ROV that will tackle the pool challenges. In addition to the pool work, the students must create a design notebook and display board, and then present their findings through an interview with the judges. Let's hope our 7th grade team members will join the HMS SeaPerch Team next year!

2011 - 2012