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Weekly Assignments

A few weeks after the class starts, students are required to complete a weekly online STEM homework assignment. The assignments are worth twenty points each. The assignments are posted by Monday morning, and the work must be completed by Friday night. There will be approximately five assignments during the marking period.
The assignments are posted on a Google Classroom webpage that has been created for each STEM class. Students access the Google Classroom webpage through their Mt. Laurel Schools Google Drive accounts.
Directions for signing in:

Go to and sign in using your school Google account information. Click on the apps icon in the top right region (it looks like a checker board). Click on the "Drive" app. Then click on the apps icon again (top right area). Click on "More" to see more apps, and you should now see the "Classroom" app. Click on the Classroom app. This will bring up the STEM Google Classroom page. Click on STEM. Read and complete the announcement. Click on "Add Comment," write your response, and then double click on "Post." You should see your assignment posted on the STEM page.

If anyone has difficulty accessing the Internet at home, students are welcome to use the STEM laptops during lunch. Students may also stay after school for Harrington's Homework Club to do the assignments. The Mt. Laurel Public Library also has Internet access for community members. Feel free to email me if you have any questions or problems.