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President John F. Kennedy

"Knowledge of the oceans in more than a matter of curiosity, our very survival may hinge upon it." 

Kali Armstrong, granddaughter of astronant Neil Armstrong

You stretch your imagination as far as possible, and then the sea stretches it further. The sea is a place for discovery. It holds more answers to the world’s problems than we could begin to understand. But we want to understand!

Excerpt from a From the Fantail blog post written by Kali Armstrong

Earth is Blue

"No matter what your ZIP code is, no matter what you see out your living room window or off of your back porch, you are first and foremost a citizen of the planet—and a citizen of an ocean planet.”
Dr. Kathy Sullivan at the opening of the video celebrating the “Earth is Blue” effort to increase awareness about our national marine sanctuaries.


"The Ocean does not give up easily the secrets of her animals. Only by traveling around and searching diligently in her rock piles and mudflats, day after day and year after year, will you learn what creatures spawn, and what they eat, and where they hide."

~ Jack Rudloe, The Erotic Ocean: A Handbook for Beachcombers and Marine Naturalists